US Non-Immigrant Visas (B-1, B-2)

B Visa – Travelers and Visitors 

B-1Business Travelers and Domestic Servants

  • Does not receive income from US source. 
  • May allow:  
    • Business Activities not immediately resulting in revenue (meetings, site surveyance, investment, research, advertising, negotiations, etc.) 
    • Estate Settlement 
    • Meetings or Professional Conferences 
    • Domestic Servant accompanying employer  
      • Employer has non-immigrant visa 
      • Employed at least 1 year outside US 
    • Artists
      • Signing contracts, negotiations, etc.
    • Athletes 
      • Competing in America with a foreign team
      • Trying out for a team. 

B-2 — Tourist (Pleasure or Medical Treatment)

  • No monetary remuneration 
  • Allows: 
    • Tourism 
    • Visiting family / friends 
    • Event Participation 
    • Medical Treatment 

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