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Find My Economic Stimulus Payment with the IRS

The IRS has developed a program whereby US citizens can:

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In order to log into the system, you need the following information:

Typically, once you sign in you’ll get one of two pages:

Option 1

The “Payment Status is not Available” page should appear if 1) you have not filed your information with the IRS, 2) the IRS has not yet processed your taxes, 3) you do not qualify for the stimulus check.

This has been confusing for some as it isn’t clear whether you don’t qualify or just have not yet been processed yet.

In order to be processed, you either need to file your taxes for 2019 with the IRS or you need to submit documentation as a “Non-Filer”. The link below will take you to the proper via “Free Fillable Forms.”

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In order to complete the non-filer forms, you’ll need:

Option 2

Once you have been approved, you might be asked to provide more information for direct deposits.

In this case, you click “Enter Bank Information” and fill out the requested data. You will need:

*Notice that the IRS is updating this online system April 24 – 25 for easier use and to fix technical issues. For example, there is no option if you neither owed nor received money from your taxes. And you cannot enter negative AGI. Hopefully the new system will be more readable.


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