The NCBE Has Spoken – July 2020 Bar Exam Will Proceed

On May 5, 2020, the NCBE made their official announcement regarding the July 2020 Bar Exam. Based on this information, NCBE has determined that there will most likely be a sufficient number of July examinees to administer the bar exam. Accordingly, we plan to make our exam materials (MBE, MEE, and MPT) available to those jurisdictions that choose to administer an exam in July. NCBE, … Continue reading The NCBE Has Spoken – July 2020 Bar Exam Will Proceed

Will the July 2020 Bar Exam be Delayed (End of April Update)

This follows up on our April 17th article “Will the July 2020 Bar Exam be Delayed” where we explained the issues with deciding whether to continue, cancel, or reschedule. As mentioned in that article, several states are waiting for the NCBE to make it’s recommendation on May 5. It’s worth noting that as more states reschedule or delay, it becomes less likely the NCBE will … Continue reading Will the July 2020 Bar Exam be Delayed (End of April Update)

Will the July 2020 Bar Exam be Delayed?

With the Coronavirus pandemic has come a sweeping flood of declared state emergencies and concern about large gatherings. One of the key concerns by State Bars at this time is the health and safety of both test takers and administrators during the July 2020 Bar Exam. At this time, it is not clear when the United States will see things getting back to normal. Rumors … Continue reading Will the July 2020 Bar Exam be Delayed?

Is the UBE Easier?

Since the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) was established, several people have asked us whether the UBE is an easier exam to pass. Should you wait until the UBE to try taking the exam.

To answer that question, we started keeping track of the passage rates before and after UBE implementation.

For those of you unfamiliar with the legal practice, each state requires passage of the state bar exam as part of the qualifications for legal certification. In the past, each state offered its own unique exam. But more recently, states are adopting the UBE (uniform bar examination) instead. The UBE is a standardized legal test with scores easily transferred across jurisdictions.

States are not obligated to implement the UBE, and many have chosen to continue using their own exam. As of March 2020, 16 states (California, Nevada, Hawai’i, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida) do not use the UBE.

Those who do implement the UBE may choose to add a state-specific component requirement.

But the UBE itself is more or less consistent across member states.

The question is whether applicants are finding it easier to pass the UBE than they were the original state exam.

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