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About Us

Blessing Associates, LLC

Specializing in the areas where Business, Law, and Culture combine

Blessing Associates, LLC is owned and operated by two international business and legal professionals from the United States.

Our office offers up our expertise as global citizens with 7+ years living and working in Asia and expansive backgrounds in global and domestic business management. From expatriates with foreign income to local small businesses starting up with new income streams, we offer resources to keep you organized and tax compliant. From new employment contracts for traveling teachers to payroll management for the moderate businesses, we have what you need.

A one-stop-business consulting office, we provide a variety of business and legal services to offer you practical, working solutions to the many issues that arise before you day to day.

*Material on this site is not intended as legal advice. Legal situations are varied and require personal, one-on-one consideration and advice. Nothing on our online platforms creates an attorney-client or other professional binding relationship.

If you need legal or professional advice, please contact us directly to see what options we have that work with your situation. We offer the first 30 minute consultation free to discuss what you are looking for and how we might help.

Our Focus:

  • Small Business Management
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Taxation (Individual, Expatriate, & Small Business)
  • Public & Online Presence Development
  • Small Business Start-Up
  • Business Training
  • International Contracts & Global Business Management
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