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Blessing Associates, LLC provides the assistance and tools necessary to help you and your family handle complex personal and small business issues.

Small Business Services

Blessing Associates, LLC provides practical business consulting, accounting services, and tax preparation. We guide small firms, sole practitioners, freelancers, and gig-workers through the difficult steps towards achieving professional and financial success.

How Can We Help You?

– Bookkeeping

– Business Start-Up

– Business Registration & Licensure

– Website Development

– Contract Negotiations

– Payroll

– Taxes
(Business & Individual)

– A Million Other Ways. . . Just Give Us a Call!

We Specialize in Breaking Down Problems and Implementing Practical Solutions

Here To Support You

We welcome both those with a business already up and running and those who are just starting out with a dream. Blessing Associates, LLC is here to help you either get up and running or get back on track for success.

Individually Tailored Services

We Offer Specially Designed Individual Accounting &/Or Tax Assistance For


We can help maximize your exclusions and credits for taxes if you adopted or were in the process of adopting a child.

Both Domestic and Foreign Adoptions may be eligible for tax breaks.


As Long-Term Expats ourselves, we can help you maintain accurate financial records, monitor potentially deductible expenses, and collect key forms for your annual taxes. This means appropriately managing cash-based wages, fringe benefits, housing and meal benefits, education coverage, foreign taxes, foreign bank reporting, and more.

Army & Veterans

We are proud to support the men and women who serve with the US Military. To that end, we offer tax assistance as well as small business support to the military, veterans, and their families at a 10% discount.

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