Once the tax returns are submitted, it is time to start tracking your tax refund. The IRS and most states offer an online tool known as “Where’s My Refund” that provides updates and timing for the release of your refund. To use the tool, the sites normally require some or all of the following information from taxpayers:

  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Filing Status (Single, Married Filing Jointly, Married Filing Separately, Head of Household, or Qualifying Widower)
  • Amount of Your Expected Refund.

If you owed money instead of expecting a refund, you can usually input $0.00 or $1.00 for the expected refund. The tool will still be useful for tracking when your tax return is processed and finalized. If you prefer calling to using the online resources, many locations provide similar information over the phone (usually through an automated system).

To help you monitor your return, we have gathered a list below of the sites and phone numbers for the IRS and the individual states. Certain states (Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming) do not have individual income taxes and do not provide the “Where’s My Refund” tool. The rest should be listed below.

*Information changes frequently – if you find a broken or incorrect link, please post in the comments and we’ll update it as quickly as possible. Thanks!

Where’s My Refund?

After a tax return has been accepted, the IRS will begin to update the “Where’s My Refund” tool. Input your social security number, filing status, and the amount of your expected refund. You’ll get a page that tells you details about the status of your return (Under Review, Processing, Ready for Payout) and eventually an estimated date for your money to be paid out. If they garnished or altered your refund, there may be details about that as well.

*Go down to “Refunds” “Check my Refund Status”
Call: (334) 309-2612
Alaska*No State Income Tax
ArizonaWebsiteCall: (800) 352-4090
ArkansasWebsiteCall: (800) 882-9275
CaliforniaWebsiteCall: (800) 338-0505
*Go down to “Refund Resources”
Call: (303) 238-7378
ConnecticutWebsiteCall: (860) 297-5962
DelawareWebsiteCall: (302) 577-8784
*No State Income Tax
GeorgiaWebsiteCall: (877) 423-6711
Hawai’iWebsiteCall: (800) 222-3229
IdahoWebsiteCall: (888) 228-5770
*Go down to “Inquiries for Individuals” “Where’s My Refund?”
Call: (800) 732-8866 or (217) 782-3336
IndianaWebsiteCall: (317) 232-2240 (Select Option 3) 
IowaWebsiteCall: (515) 281-4966
KentuckyWebsiteCall: (502) 564-1600 or (502) 564-4581
LouisianaWebsiteCall: (888) 829-3071
MaineWebsiteCall: (207) 624-9784
MarylandWebsiteCall: (800) 218-8160
MassachusettsWebsiteCall: (800) 392-6089
MichiganWebsiteCall: (517) 335-3429
MinnesotaWebsiteCall: (651) 296-4444 or (800) 657-3676
MississippiWebsiteCall: (601) 923-7801
MissouriWebsiteCall: (573) 751-3505
MontanaWebsiteCall: (406) 444-6900
NebraskaWebsiteCall: (800) 742-7474
*No State Income Tax
New HampshireWebsite
*No State Income Tax
New JerseyWebsiteCall: (609) 826-4400
New MexicoWebsiteCall: (866) 285-2996
New YorkWebsiteCall: (518) 457-5149
North CarolinaWebsiteCall: (877) 252-4052
North DakotaWebsiteCall:
OhioWebsiteCall: (800) 282-1780
*Go down to “Individuals” “Where’s My Refund”
Call: (800) 522-8165
*Go down to “Refunds & 1099-Gs”“Where’s My Refund”
Call: (800) 356-4222
PennsylvaniaWebsiteCall: (717) 787-8201
Rhode IslandWebsiteCall: (401) 574-8829
South CarolinaWebsiteCall: (844) 898-8542
South DakotaWebsite
*No State Income Tax
Call: (800) 829-9188
*No State Income Tax
*No State Income Tax
*Go down to “Refunds” ➟ “Check Your Refund Status”
Call: (800) 662-4335
VermontWebsiteCall: (802) 828-2865
VirginiaWebsiteCall: (804) 367-2486
*No State Income Tax
West VirginiaWebsiteCall: (800) 982-8297
WisconsinWebsiteCall: (866) 947-7363
*No State Income Tax
Washington, DCWebsite
*Go down to “Individual “Check the Status of my Refund”
Call: (202) 727-4829
American SamoaWebsiteCall:
*Sign into your account and use the “Lookup Status” tool
Call: (671) 635-1840
Email: pinadmin@revtax.guam.gov
Northern Mariana IslandsWebsite
*No State Income Tax
Puerto RicoWebsiteCall:
Virgina IslandsWebsiteCall: (340) 715-1040

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