Past Bar Exam Statistics (Infographics)

Bar statistics dating back to February 2012, based on figures quoted by state bars.

Some states adapt their scores after initial publication in the annual NCBE report. I update the maps annually after the NCBE report is published. Until that time, the previous year (e.g. 2019 at present) is based on initial reports and may change.

*Please note I collect these statistics, but there may be mistakes in some areas. For example, I may calculate the scores myself based on number of pass or fail posted.

% Change in February Statistics (2012 – 2019) (YoY)

% Change in July Statistics (YoY)

% Change in July Statistics – Comparing 2012 and 2018

*For assessment of how much national averages have increased or decreased since the sudden drop in 2013-2014

2012 v 2018